Reliance Nokia 6255 CDMA Phone

October 6, 2005 at 8:04 pm (Technology)

I have a Reliance connection and Nokia 6255 CDMA phone for about 3 months now.

I had no idea about the phone prior to buying it, all I wanted was a reliance connection with a flip model phone. Reliance didnt give me many choices and made me take this Nokia 6255 CDMA.

First, if you want technical specifications and features of the phone then please go to Reliance web.

Personally, I got reliance cos of the cheap STD rates. I recently moved from chennai to bangalore and wanted a good deal for STD calls and who gives it cheaper than reliance?

For this purpose, am happy for taking this connection.

(there is one bad thing in reliance or maybe in all CDMA i guess, the voice quality is not as good as GSM)

About the handset:-

Reliance Nokia 6255 CDMA Pros and Cons :-

:+ It is a Nokia, so its user friendly.

:- But unusually bulky for the limited features it offers. It is a flip so it is arguable to carry a little over weight, but it is a little too much.

:+/- And the shape is pathetic. It has an external antenna which is extensible, I kind of like this, it looks more retroistic. (but many of my friends hate this external antenna, they say it looks like 1947 Motorola flip phones).

:+ The keypad is good, the touch and feel is good(very very Nokia again)

:+ Display is good

:+ Menu and navigation is cool

:- Camera is pathetic, VGA

:+ Memory comes with 10MB builtin for contacts etc and 32MB MMC card too. But if you want this phone to read more than 1GB MMC then you need to upgrade the software

:- The software is the worst among the class. Why? Menus cant be customizes at all. No themes.(this is bad). :- External games and applications. By default, reliance does not allow you to do this. But some tweaking and you are there.

:+ Ring tones are good

:+ Mp3 player, cool. Plays 3GP also. Media Player is good although play list interface is a little too bad and I heard it does not support more than 150 entries, although I havent tested this limit myself.

:+ Dual display is cool

Overall. Yes. Good phone if you havent used Nokia 6600 GSM before.

R-World sucks. It really does. If you take a post paid they charge you some Rs.25 per month irrespective of whether you use it or not. And it doesnt stop here, addtional charges apply for accessing contents(yes, there are free links too, but they are the worst among the ditches). I think I missed the good old days when it was free. Now that they are charging, I dont think any one would like to pay for the crap.I heard HUTCH online is far better.




  1. Vinit Agarwal said,


    Please inform by what all tweaking I can install software on my 6255.

  2. vanand said,

    You don’t have a whole bunch of software for this model – even if you did, most of them can’t be installed cos Reliance won’t let you. :(

    Nokia 6255 does not support themes either! If you are looking at 6600 and 6255 on the same page then you will be seriously disappointed!

  3. vsprabhash said,

    pls help me to get r-connect .i am using nokia6255 cdma mobile with relince connection,

  4. vanand said,

    hmmm, i use R-World very rarely and thats bloody damn costly, i dont want to try R-Connect and waste money on that!

  5. Abhishek Singh said,

    nice set want to know nor about

  6. Lal said,

    You can have theams on your nokia 6255- For that you need do some simple tweaking – you cna get the tweaking from

  7. Lal said,

  8. Shivnnaresh Tiwari said,

    I am using nokia 6255 and i want to connect to the internet vai Rconnect but i dont have the software of Rconnect, can u give it to me or tell me where i can find it. Please…

  9. SAURABH said,

    PLZ HELP ME…..

  10. N.Dakshana Rao said,

    My Relince mobile Nokia 6255 software currupt, software is not available in Andhra Pradesh Webworld , so kindly advise what to do.

  11. shivkumar said,


  12. shivkumar said,

    i need a media player of nokia 6255 cdma

  13. izhar said,

    i wanna install some softwear n games for my nokia 6255 cdma

  14. VIJAY DAYAL said,

    i am using nokia 6255 can use 512 memory card in this mobile & is there any problem in battery of this phone

  15. Srikant Saurave said,

    i am using nokia 6255 cdma phone, I want to connect internet through R- connect. please provide me R- connect software please.

  16. hemant said,

    pls help me for samsong set fcc 191 to connacted for internet what is the software pls send me this inquare
    thank you

  17. jomy jose said,

    pls help me for Nokia 6255 cdma realiance mobile to pc for using internet { mobile just using like a modem} send me some deatails .

  18. FredderiK said,

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