Do we really need a Film Censor Board ?

October 10, 2005 at 8:03 pm (Other)

Censor Board:

Dozen (smart ass) people who decide on what content on the silver screen is suitable for a indian citizen to watch or not.

Now, does it not rise the question;Are Indians not smart enough to even chose what they want to watch?

Let the censor board review a movie and give it a 15+ or a 18+ or a 21+ certificate as applies. But stop there and not poke their stinking noses in to editing parts of the film as their personal instincts pleases them to. On what basis do they decide which is obscene and which is not ? what is violent and what is not ? Do they have a definition on what should be allowed and what should not ? It is all left to the personal discretion of the person who is reviewing the film, if he personally feels something is obscene he promptly refuses to issue a certificate or demand for those scenes to be cut. Can he/she not be wrong in making this decision ? Is there someone monitoring his decision ? Can someone overrule it ? Can this be challenged in the court of law ? No one knows the answers.

My sincere sympathy to the film makers who have to live with this unstable decision making body for years now. They invest crores and make a movie only to be commented by some stupid committee who think some parts of the movie are not suitable to audience? Who are these people to decide what is suitable and what is not ?

Are we Indians not smart enough to make our own choice of what to view and what not ?

Do we really need some one to tell us what is good and what is bad ? Of course I agree that age certificates are essential. But that should be the end of censor board’s power. If its a 21+ then every one can interpret that its not suitable for them. Theatres and multiplexes can be more strict in allowing under age audiences in.

I am not advocating to allow more sex and vulgarity in movies, No; that is not what I want. But I want to make my own decision to say “I do not want that” and not someone doing it for me.

Its time adults are treated like `adults` in our country. We can be responsible and make our own decisions. Of course some will not and will fail, but so what? they will learn their from mistakes and move on. After all, it is democracy and we can live our lives the way we want to.

Going through the memory lane.. you can recollect some rare regional movie of your choice being outright vulgar and you wonder how on earth was it overlooked? or was it overlooked for someone’s personal gain? And take some genuine movies like one in tamil called “virumaandi” which was played around by the censor board to issue a “go ahead”. The movie itself is a outstanding portrayal of how two different people can come up with two totally opposite view points of one incident.


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