Seetha Kalyanam (Scenes from Ramayana)

October 31, 2005 at 7:50 pm (Other)

Sunday was a busy day. There was a function in my relatives place (my perimma’s place for those who understand). The occasion was “Seetha Kalyanam”. I don’t consider my knowledge in Hindu traditions as profound, but my experiences in attending such traditional functions are plenty. There is one in my family circle every now and then,
So, this Sunday was the day when my perimma(aunt) completed reciting Ramayana(in total) 64 times in for 64 days continuously. It’s a small achievement indeed considering the fact to successfully complete a recital, you need to complete all *** chapters, which would take about 5 hours. So, Sunday was the 64th day and hence the grand gala.
It started at about 9am. As you can see from the attached photos, people who gathered sung praises about God Rama. There were lots of music and fun attached to it which made everything interesting to listen and informative too. Some who gathered there started to get a little impatient with lengthy chants and songs and bajans. All this continued till 1pm. Finally, there was “deepa-aaradhanai” and final namaskarams by all asking for blessings from elders and god. Girls who are expecting to get married soon are asked to make special prayers on the occasion.
Lunch was served at 1.30pm. First, the tired lot who sang and chanted for hours were given preference for having food first. Then came our turns. Had good South Indian food with “potato curry” and “drumstick sambar” and some “poricha appalam” :-)  Loved it
So, the day was pretty good. Some divine knowledge gained and some sincere prayers and more important, blessings from god and elders.
Sorry I was not able to add any facts about “Seetha Kalayanam”. Really, I tried but edited it out in the end, I was not sure about any facts that I wrote. :-(
If someone can add in some thing real about facts of this ritual, please do so. It will be greatly appreciated.



  1. ramesh said,

    Dear Anand,

    If your periamma had indeed read the whole ramayana 64 times in 64 days, that would qualify for Guiness Book of Records.

    In think, in more human terms, she should have read ‘Sundara Kandam’ 64 times in 64 days even though that is no mean feat either!

    This reading is normally done to overcome diseases etc or just out of bhakti for the Lord expecting no return whatsoever.


  2. ramesh said,

    Dear Anand,

    A small correction. I instinctively thought you meant Ramayana of Valmiki, but there are other smaller versions of Ramayan that could be completed fully 64 times in 64 days.

    As far as my knowledge goes, there is no mandatory ritual like Seetha Kalyanam or Venkatesa Kalyanam. It is normally done when one prays for something and takes a vow that they will do Seetha Kalyanam / Venkatesa Kalyanam on successful acheivement of their aim / goal.


  3. sumana said,

    Jai Shri Ram.
    I would like to share one thing. I am from Mysore and my paternal grand father is 93 years and his practice is to do Ramayana parayanam ie to read whole Ramayanam in Navarathri for 9 days. He is very very intelligent and has great will power. This practice is coming from generations and next my father has to do and next my brother like that. My father has started to do so from past 30 yrs whereas my grandfather is doing from past 70 years as my great grand father expired when he was 23 years. Also he will do parayanam during Chaitra month in the same way as done during Sarannavarathri. He will get up at 3 in the morning and recite till 2 in the afternoon without taking a drop of water till he finishes 1 whole Valmiki Ramayanam kandam per day … The joy in the house cannot be explained and we did a great function last year as he completed 70 years(Samrajya Pattabhishekam) of parayanam. With God’s Grace he is healthy wothout diabetes or blood pressure or any disease ….. The only reason for this reciting Rama nama and having regular routine and always we feel house is filled with tharaka mantra. My mother and grand mother and my attais will all gather together and do kainkaryams as per our knowledge and the way to please HIM……. It has strength and once if we get into this RAMA NETWORK we will be relieved … Though we might not ask for anything, the joy is unlimited ……….like unlimited refilling of pepsi or coke……
    I am overwhelmed to express my joy of exchanging the interpretations of Gnana and Bhakthi through Any comments are welcome in exchanging the thoughts ……We all understand is religion is not at all matter but we need a tool to find HIM and Ramayana helps a common man like me to do so..
    Sitarama jai jai

  4. prace alpinistyczne Warszawa said,

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