Diwali Party 2005

November 1, 2005 at 3:50 pm (Personal)

Yday night was really great fun.(Now that we are in early 20’s and not late teens, definition of “great fun” must be interpreted with minimized vivacity)

Back to topic, my company had arranged for a party. I was allowed to bring friends as guests to the party. Veera and three other guys from GCT joined me. It was pretty dull in the begnning with just munching some popcorn and standing away from the crowd. “Bangalore figure super machi” -> Me and veera must have exchanged this sentence a millions times in the evening.

Fun and game shows were going on which all of us were interested to play. Finally there was a call for group of 5 for some game and we jumped in. They gave us some newspaper and a chart paper. We have to cut characters/words from the newpapers to form a phrases for the diwali celebration. There were about 10 teams and I am sure we finished first from the last. We really sucked. But we had our share of fun in participating and got a “Perk XL” as a consolation prize.

There were some pretty ordinary fireworks at 9pm. We had dinner after that. Dinner was also not great.


Here comes the big part, after dinner we decided to hit the dance floor……..!

I know how poor my dancing skills are! So guys not good to add more insult to that. But come on, not everyone is a prabhu deva! We just had fun.


It was a Diwali to remember for sure. My “thalaa diwali” at Microsoft :-) 


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