Should we plan for the future or not?

November 3, 2005 at 11:49 am (Other)

See, back in India(AFAIK) we strongly believe in *fate*. Both good and bad things are influenced by some superior power called fate/God. This is a basic philosophy no matter what religion, cast or sect we belong to.
I was pondering today for a long time on this topic… (me, pondering!?! How often do i do that these days?)
Ok now, I am not going to question the basic faith in god and confuse myself and you.
Lets leave that aside forever. Lets safely lock that discussion up in a Pandora’s box and mess with it when we are 60 and got nothing else to do.
My question to myself(and to all you anonymous readers) is : “Should we plan our future or just leave it to the hands of fate?” . Sometimes “Future Plans” sounds like a oxymoron to me! Cos if you cant have control over your future then what does “Future Plan” mean ?
One argument would be, forget about the future, forget about the past and enjoy the present before it becomes a part of the past. Ok. For those who have their dad’s business doing well or with a bank balance in excess can easily follow this philosophy. Buddy, this is not for you and me!
For us commoners, we need to plan our future. And we start with planning our monthly expenses and goes on till investing for your child’s future post-graduate college fees when you are still in your early 20’s! This is how most of us plan! Don’t we? But look at the “If”s and “But”s in this. We have one answer to all questions “God knows”. Ok so if God knows all these then why are we trying to plan for it ? Why not God plan it for us? (Hmm… Can I get any more stupid?)
So does this mean we should never plan for anything ? I don’t know.
Some guys(like me) go to the extent of framing 2 or 3 backup plans for one instance or incident.
Does it mean these guys are so confident about the control that they have over the things around them?
Now, what more can I say? Does it mean they don’t believe that fate can easily come in and screw up their plans upside down and leave you stranded and/or pleasantly surprised.
Ok, so there is no definitive answer to this. But one thing is for sure, better not to take that “fate factor” in to our future calculations. Best bet would be to Plan and then expect surprises !

Disclaimer: Hey, this is just a opinion, just a loud thought. These are not my views on how one should live or what one should do with their life.



  1. Vijay said,

    Fate or chance can make life a lot more interesting than the 100 or so plans we may think out over our lifetime. Preparing for the future is however essential if one wants to enjoy success at the activities planned for the next hour/day/week/month. Planning for things beyond that takes the fun out of life…insurance just seems to be a great scam :)

  2. vanand said,

    Insurance is just one great way to ourselves from the pointless income tax that we are paying to these pointless politicians… ok, ok… we pay it to the Government and not to politicians :) But hey, does it really matter? Both are equally inefficient

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