Meeting Friends : Veera and Kutty

November 12, 2005 at 7:48 pm (Personal)

Kutty was in Bangalore for a couple of days. And I imagine he had too much free time that he didn’t know how to kill and finally decided that he has a long pending activity of calling up old friends. If you think rains in Chennai are surprising, think again. Cos “kutty”, the great “ooolu” of alpha agreed to have dinner with me and veera. Can it get any bigger? :-)
(Baadu payaan, didn’t care to call or mail for ages)
Veera and kutty came in veera’s new BMW bike. We parked in “No parking” and decided to walk to the restaurant. Its “Ayyanar’s Restaurant” on the ring road, domlour. Although its only minutes walk from my office, I have never been there before.
Kutty reminded me of the good old days when he said “Chennai is cooler than Bangalore these days”. Come on, kutty and “big” stories are inseparable. Remember once he made all our juniors in alpha believe that “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar” remix that topped MTV charts was his creation and that he sold the copyrights to MTV for a lakh.
Moving on, We reached the restaurant. Ordered some rice and roti’s. Kutty ordered only one naan, but it is then we heard that he already had two unlimited meals an hour back. Veera ordered chicken rice and asked the waiter if they will serve more chicken pieces and less rice? I ordered egg biriyani and ended up watching veera eat all the eggs leaving only some little scrambled pieces for me. Thank you veera for you generosity.
But really, I have seen people who eat non-veg but I have never seen people eat non-veg like veera does. He attacks them as if the chicken is still alive and needs to be killed. He is the real “singam”. If Veera is not stopped then eco-cycle will be messed up with all the living organisms already killed and served to veera to surmise his hunger.
Anyway, enough of food. We had some small talks and discussions about all our “leelai’s” back in school days and how we lost touch after that.
First we decided that we must split the bill equally and then I broke the news of Rs.76.5k. :-)
Kutty got a call from “her” and was absent for most of the time. :-(
Anyway, finally bill arrived. Paid. They served “sombu” as some mouth freshners in the end and veera asked the waiters if they serve “non-veg sombu” and they gave a stare in return.
So it all came to an end, we walked back to my office. Veera and kutty left and me back to office in front of the 17″ Display. Wondering how much more there is to life than the three things we spend 75% of the time with : Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse.
The End.


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