This day changed the fate of two biggies forever

November 23, 2005 at 7:44 pm (News)

This day will go down in to the history if India as one of the important ones in the lives of two great personalities.

One Mr.Lallu Prasad Yadav and other is our beloved Sourav Ganguly.

Lets talk about cricket first. (although the other episode is more important for country’s progress)

Ganguly named in Test squad; as a player and not a captain: However bad his form was, he thought he can never be dropped. Someone by the name of Jagmohan Dalmia added more truth to this statement.

Finally, Kiran More and the panel of five selectors acted brave and dropped ganguly from the one day team. But you know, ganguly made it all easy for them by this great statement during the SA tour :
“Chappel asked me to quit”

He thought he can stage another public drame and throw chappel out, funny that he got himself thrown out.

> Ganguly’s ODI career. RIP <

Today, the selectors laid foundation stones for his test career’s cemetery. Yes, they made a good decision by selecting him. Cos now, he cannot complain of not given a chance. They should go ahead and make him play in the 11 and ask him to prove himself. I am sure he will fail. The only thing he is good at nowdays is staging drama’s and roleplay’s off the field and in the dressing room.

Kudos to Indian selection panel and all those who were brave to fight against a clueless captain and a failed player. Think of the other factors they would have to put up with; dada would have tried all the tricks possible to get back, both on and off the field. We all know that his career would have ended long back if we dont consider the Dalmiya factor. Funny that on field his performace is no better that Sujith Somasundar or even worse. I would like to know where he stands in domestic batting rating? In the last ten for sure.

Yes, he was very good at one time. But that is long gone now. Lets move on and wish Dravid and his loyal men all the best for their future together. For a change, we will see them play cricket and cricket only. No more politics and dramas.

Funny Quotes from the Press:

Ganguly was included in the team as a “batting all-rounder” to provide more balance to the side which has three specialist spinners and pacemen each.

It will be Ganguly’s first international outing after his public spat with Chappell. Ganguly has gone on record to say that the spat was a thing of the past and he was willing to work with him again and play in the team in any capacity.


Now for the second historic story.

Yes. Its India, in Bihar, and its Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Everyone saw this coming, but no one was brave enough to predict such a tur around failure.

The mandate in Bihar is a vote for “change” and “governance”. The Assembly poll results that brought to an end 15 years of Lalu Raj in the State. 

Press Quotes:
Battle lost, supporters desert Lalu Prasad

 Bustling with activity till Monday, the official residence here of former chief minister Rabri Devi and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Tuesday fell quiet with the party’s defeat in the polls, out-of-bound for all except the few close to them.

The imposing iron gates were shut and the sprawling 1, Anne Marg residence was deserted after results showed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Janata Dal-United combine had routed the RJD.

There were no crowds of supporters shouting slogans and jostling with each other to get a view of their leaders, and only a few security men were seen.

The guards had strict instructions to turn away the media and allow only a few RJD leaders as Lalu Prasad, in a bad mood after his party’s 15-year reign ended, was taking rest.

“We have been instructed to close the gates and not allow anyone in, particularly media persons,” said a guard.

“Everything is missing here, no gathering, no supporters, no activities,” said another security man.

Sources at the residence said the Bihar strongman was restless and nervous and once the RJD’s defeat became obvious, he lost his cool.

“Saab’s (Lalu Prasad’s) mood is bad, he was restless and nervous after the RJD-Congress alliance lost the battle,” a source said.

A senior RJD leader admitted Lalu Prasad was upset and this was reflected in the gloom at his residence.

Unlike the last assembly polls in February when RJD emerged as the single largest party with 75 seats, it managed only 54 seats in the 243-member assembly this time.

Lalu Prasad was the proxy ruler of Bihar since 1997, when Rabri Devi became chief minister after he stepped down from the post over corruption charges.

Sources said Rabri Devi spent most of her time Tuesday with her children but was restless when news came that she was trailing in initial rounds of counting of votes in Raghopur constituency, which she eventually retained by a slender margin.

Fantasy Cricket


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