Am back! Update on me after a long time

January 2, 2006 at 7:42 pm (Personal)

Wish you all a Happy New year

I know, its a typical “blogger syndrome”. I start to blog with all the interest and then find excuses to postpone it. Only this time it has been a really long time since I wrote anything here. But here I am, back to bore you all!

I have lots of things that deserved a mention here.

But first, letme talk about my blog-o-friends… Vijay, localchennai, and raj_myspace2005. How are you guys? I do get to see your space every now and then, and I remember leaving some comments also often. Again, my personal wishes to you all.

Work has occupied most of my time in the recent past. My team has shrunk in size which means the rest of us have to share the work load, so its getting tougher. We are also conducting interviews to fill in the vacant spots, but no luck yet.

My “Lalabagh Journey” continues every weekend, its been almost 6 months now in to bangalaru but still I can’t find a reason to stay here and spend more time other than work. But I love my time back in chennai with friends, food and family. So its alright as long as I enjoy it.

Guys, here is a new kid to the block, take a look at this site…

I dont know if its a kid’s blog or an adult, looks very mature to me(and sometime boring).

But its got some style attached, so see if u like it.

I wonder if everyone would understand what “ambimama” means, of course i do understand, infact the blogger himself has given an explanation on what it means…

Will try to keep posting more, for now let me enjoy reading ambimama’s and all others blogs.

I got my mom a Kenstar microwave last month and planning buy a Home theater this week for myself. But I have my doubts if that will be useful for my parents when they watch “selvi” on SunTV. :-)


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