Got my VISA today

June 21, 2006 at 8:23 pm (Personal)

    United States of America.

That is where I wanted to go after college. To do my Masters. Can’t really recall why I wanted to go there in the first place. Was it something I really wanted to do or it’s just that everyone around me did that and I just followed.

Anyway – Exactly three years before – I appeared before US Consulate, Chennai for my Student(F1) Visa and got a rejection. It hit me really hard and I sort of totally missed the rhythm and started doing weird stuff. It through all my plans out of gear and I felt like I was being punished for something. You know, karma.

But then, things got from bad to worse and I was in Dubai for about a year. Got in to VISA problems again and had to stay back in India. Miraculously, got a job in HCL Tech. At this point, I was way below what I had in my mind as a post-college life. I had to fight back slowly. It was like swimming against the waves – the waves of fate and misfortune. I used my spare time at HCL and researched/studied a lot. Time to move and I moved to Bangalore to join Microsoft.

This was a giant leap indeed considering how things foul up for me often.

Today, am happy to tell you guys that I have achieved something which in my world was impossible, something which in my world was denied to me. I got my Business Visa from the United States of America with a validity of 10years.

I know for most of you this is not big deal as you are already there in the States and some may even laugh at me writing a mail for this petty news.

But hey, am not hyping how much the VISA itself is worth here – it’s only the events that happened in my life around this VISA which is making me think deeply about it.


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