Subroto Bagachi Live!

June 27, 2006 at 8:21 pm (Other)

Saturday, I was at some forum where there was a guest lecture by CEO of Mind Tree Mr.Bagachi (I can never get the spelling right)

He is really a good speaker. The speech was though provoking and certainly not boring.

    Topic: Challenges for the Leaders of 21st century

Here is a question from the audience to Mr.Bagachi after his speech.

    Question: When things are normal, is there a need for Leaders? When everything is going on smooth and people are settled in to a system then there is no necessity for leaders. What’s your opinion?

Mr. Bagachi:

You are wrong. When things are smooth and people are settled, Leaders are busy thinking about ways to change the system to optimize it moreand improve it. When system is undergoing a chance, leaders are busy thinking ways to get the system settled down.


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