Google CEO Eric Schmidt joins Apple board – now what?

August 30, 2006 at 9:40 pm (Technology)

Google CEO joins Apple board
Google Apple

Valleywag here says:

Six effects of Eric Schmidt joining Apple’s board

  • After Schmidt talks to that health nut Steve Jobs, free candy in Google snack room is removed, leaving only fresh fruit (including, har har, apples)
  • Apple starts “throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks” — two relaunches of the Newton later, Schmidt is told to shut up
  • Apple redesigns Google front page using only two words, a button, and one rounded corner
  • Cloud of Smug
  • Apple and Google form cooperative design team to establish industry-wide “glassy effect” specs
  • Maybe Google stops being so damn ugly
  • I shouldn’t probably be posting about this cos this is not a big news. If the G-Word was not associated with Eric, we wouldn’t be even talking about this for a day! What if he was with Novell or even IBM? No one would have cared!

    Everything that Google does should be treated as breakthrough or radical or revolutionary right? Even if it has been already done by Microsoft or someone; even if it’s not a home-brew idea and something which Google just paid and rebranded:)

    So, what next?

  • Google toolbar will be installed automatically when you install iTunes
  • Apple will help Google launch *all new* Music search
  • Apple’s 6th Generation iPod will have Google Talk pre-installed
  • Apple will help Google build a Google Media Player and that will be regarded as a *big* threat to Windows Media Player
  • and the G-Mania continues…



    1. Arun said,

      i’m not sure if you understand what a board of director does!! dude Dr. Eric Schmidt is also in the board for Princeton University… doesnt mean he runs the university hahaha!!

      dude board of directors are more of an advisory panel and only have cursory control over the vision of the company… and for your information Apple elected Dr. Eric Schmidt to their board and it has nothing to do with Google!!

      hey there’s a difference between criticising someone(Google) and stultifying someone!!! do a constructive criticism lest u’ld end up as one who cannot think outside the box. Google is not what it is for nothing.

    2. vanand said,

      @Arun – Yeah da, i do know that member of a board is not a “big” thing and in fact I mentioned that we would probably not be talking about it here if only the G word was not associated with this news.

      Anyways, constructive critism – Yes. But am actually not criticising anyone here da, just trying to quote the ValleyWag news article.

      Anyways, seems like a bad week for me, there is this one guy who thinks I didn’t like Veetaiyadu Velaiyadu cos I am a die-hard Vijay movie fan and now you think i am pro-anti-google… hmm, “Sani bhagavan velaiyadraru” :)

      But how about this, Eric was CTO of Sun and is now CEO of Google.

      Now, lets put criticism aside and speculate on this:

      Google is competing against MSFT and so does Apple. So, is this move more like

      “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”


      is it more like

      “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”

    3. Arun said,

      “Sani bhagavan velaiyadraru” hahaha!
      well to start with Google is competing against MSFT and so does Apple???
      as per all your blog posts… MSFT, YHOO, eBay etc. feels that GOOG is a threat and all that bull shit… GOOG is silently doing what it has to in its own pace…
      MSFT feels the threat and is trying to put it down with its upper hand!

      MSFT is worried it might loose the comfy monopoly it has! That’s cos this is exactly what MSFT went thorugh when it was budding. Already MSFT has realized it can never compete in the search engine forum and has baced out… now with Y! and GOOG with their mail system it’s already fighting a loosing battle… so they dont wanna slowly loose grounds…

      All major players do play it strategically and politically with the media… dude GOOG is just growing… do you know the head count of GOOG? its just 5000+… its a baby!!

      and MSFT on the other hand… i guess will have 5000 guys (just speculating) to mow their lawns alone haha!

      i am perplexed why Microsofties, be bogged down by a company that’s 1/10 its size… i thought and the only answer could be MSFT is seeing GOOG and has realized that GOOG is just reflecting the same agression that MSFT had when it started!!!
      GOOG a newer, youthful and agressive replica of MSFT!

    4. vanand said,

      @Arun – Am not in any team at MFST that competes directly with Google – so I really can’t comment on the strategies in place. But I don’t think MSFT is bogged down or freaked our by Google da – it’s just a competitive spirit. The same sprit that made IE kick out Netscape out of the market and the same spirit that is increasing Windows Server market share against *nix everyday.

      Yes, agreed. Google is the pioneer of search. And agreed MSFT lags behind. But they have not given up – they are fighting a renewed battle now with the Live strategies headed by none other than Ray Ozzie. Live is still in beta and picking up steam slowly – we should be seeing some good sparks around Live and Vista by end of this year and early next year.

      GOOG is newer, youthful and aggressive replica of MSFT
      I don’t know if this is a valid statement. Yes, Google is better in search – much better than MSFT and Yahoo. But it has got to prove a lot in the enterprise segment if has to put itself on the same playing field as Microsoft.

      There are millions out there who are arguing on this topic like you and me. I think only some of them are actually involved in the battle – I would love be a part of it sometime soon :)

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