‘Living The Blog’ – Chennai BlogCamp 2006 – Bloggers meet at Chennai

September 1, 2006 at 2:45 pm (News)

Wow! I didn’t realize how big this was until Scoble posted this!

Scoble says here that Chennai Blog Camp 2006 on September 9-10 is actaully going to be bigger that the TechCrunch Party in the States.

Scoble goes on to say

How do I know it’ll be big? Because everything in India gets big almost instantly. Americans can’t understand the population density of places like India and China unless they visit

Best thing is it happens in Chennai!! My city! My heart! My home! Well, actaully my home away from my work place at Bangalore :)

Most of the bloggers I know are not from India and seems like I might do with some company to visit the Blog camp – interested folks ping me!

Bloggers from around the world will participate via video conferencing, live blogging, webcasting and podcasting of all the sessions.

There will be sessions on how to conduct Podcast interviews, branding via blogs and next generation marketing.

Topics like blogging as a form of journalism, making a journalist of everybody, blogging as a vibrant medium on disaster management and social media, will be extensively discussed.

‘We hope to provide a forum where bloggers can share their stories and be inspired by innovative and successful blogging experiences,’ BlogCamp volunteer Kiruba Shankar said.

Participants will have the choice of simultaneous workshops and sessions that will be held in small groups, and use relatively informal ways of engaging each other, in conversations around the various themes.

The convention of the blogging community will take place at the Tidel Park premises, an IT hub in the city’s south that houses more than 700 IT and associated services firms.


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