Get Ready for the battle – Microsoft Windows Live Search is “Live”

September 12, 2006 at 12:00 pm (Technology)

Ken Moss, GM of Live Search at Microsoft announces the launch of “Windows Live Search” in the Live Search’s Blog here

We’ve been talking about the War of Searches, the battle of Microsoft vs Google. This cannot get bigger than this now – the flagship search product of Microsoft has moved out of MSN Search and is now “Windows Live” Search. Out of beta now and all dressed up to take the action live against Google search.

Live Search is Live

The best day to work on a large scale service like Live Search is the day when you launch new improvements. By that measure, today is one of the best days our team has had in a long time J .

Now, we feel it’s time to unveil the new Live Search … no longer in beta, and powering searches on both and MSN. In related news, Live Local Search is coming out of beta, and is too! Starting tonight we will be ramping the percent of searchers who see Live Search and by Thursday we plan to be at 100%. If you want immediate access head over to and give it a test drive!

I am happy that they decided to shed the “AJAX-ish Scroll bar” idea for the search results page. It was originally a part of the Live Search beta when it first launched few months ago. Currently it has moved away from the irritating scrollbar and showcases a more conventional Click thrus for jumping across the search results pages.

However, you can still see the scrollbar interface in the Image Search results at

One cool feature that really stands out is the “Related results”. More like “Did you mean this?” but adds more value.

Related Searches help you refine your query by simply clicking on a list of related terms (try Jaguar, Las Vegas, CSI). We’ve found that helping our customers refine their queries is one of the biggest things we can do to help people find their answers.

So, let’s sit back and watch how Microsoft tries to fight for a substantial search market share…



  1. mona said,

    hi anand,
    thanx for appreciating me…
    hey thats gr8 news…more compition more value to customers and espacially for the students like us who have to search for lots of things and going round and round..
    i will definetly try it and let you know how much difference i felt… enjoying this community very well and hope to stay here for long.
    take care..

  2. arun said,

    Related searches is available in many SEs other than Google..You can try the same queries in Ask or Yahoo. Ask also allows to narrow/broaden seearch.
    anyway why/how is msn search and different? they are returning different results.

  3. arun said,

    i like the search builder feature in msn, although im not sure if many ppl use it as it took me a while to even notice it after many days

  4. vibhor said,

    hi anand,
    havent got time to switch over and i think it will take some more time as im not aware of its full functioning…
    nyways…..havent heard abt the news wil check out…

  5. prachi said,

    ur blog is much of informatin..great man!!!
    i like it……….

  6. vanand said,

    @ Arun – Yeah, I remember seeing related searches in ASK – but hey, the point is “Google doesn’t have it yet and MSFT does” :)

    And the difference “A-t-l-a-s” or AJAX if you like. And yes, results are different, they are different engines altogether.

    If you liked search builder with MSN search then you would love the MACROS with Live Search!

    Check it out here, Live Search Macros

    What’s a Search Macro?
    For example, you could create a search engine for your favorite hobby, area of research, or one that searches your website or blog.

    @prachi, @vibhor – thanks for dropping by! and do try the Windows Live Search engine, you will like it more as you spend more time with it. It is difficult to change over, but it’s worth it!

  7. Arvind Nagarajan said,

    Anand, I love you chellam!

  8. arun said,

    >the point is “Google doesn’t have it yet and MSFT does” :)
    The only point is whether the user is going to be benefited :)
    As for the reason Google doesnt have it is that if they put the related searches on the place where they place the sponsored ads on the right, its going to drop a lot in revenue for them.
    My guess is also thats why Yahoo, list justs in one line near the query box as “Also Try:”
    But for MSN maybe getting any money is not primary now, only getting marketshare, so it makes sense.
    And search macro is not now. Yahoo have been having it for smetime. same thing.

  9. vanand said,

    @Arvind – LOL :D

    @Arun – I am not a big fan of “related searches” myself. If it is going to be useful to others is something we don’t know yet. And actually, you made a good point that it is going to bring the monetization down cos it eats the clicks on Paid results. But it also multiplies the query volumes and improves usability(to those who actually use it).

    And hey, it’s no use saying “Yahoo has it” or “Ask has it” – MSN had mappoint for donkey’s years in the shelf and no one thought it was cool until Google earth came around…

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