Online portal trying out offline advertising? Tactical Yahoo! ?

September 18, 2006 at 2:03 pm (Technology)

Now, this is strange. Online portal is trying out offline advertising?

The world’s second largest search engine Yahoo! is (desperately?) promoting it’s portal by giving away coupons for a free cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts to anyone who sets as their home page this Friday.

AP reports here more

Yahoo executives bill the multimillion dollar campaign as a celebration of several significant improvements to its Web site, including a makeover of the home page, an e-mail upgrade and a service that enables users to tap into their collective knowledge to find answers to tough questions.

“This is a great time for us to talk to our customers and encourage them to visit the new,” said Allen Olivo, Yahoo’s vice president of global brand marketing. “It’s an invitation to come back to those who haven’t been using us in a while as well as to those who haven’t been using us as frequently as they once did.”

I would say that this means Yahoo! is increasingly pressurized to fend off the aggressive moves from Microsoft and Google to steal the traffic away from Yahoo!.

With search though, Yahoo! has got a long way to catch up with Google and Microsoft Live has just entered the game by coming out of beta.

“Yahoo is probably feeling some erosion of its brand,” said Brad Scott, director of digital branding for San Francisco consulting firm Landor Associates. “They probably want to build some awareness again.”
Yahoo claims 412 million users. Last month it attracted nearly 107 million unique U.S. visitors, more than any other online destination, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

Yahoo’s decision to turn to television and radio to protect and expand its Internet turf seems ironic.

“I can’t say if it’s good or bad, but I do know it’s not the wave of the future,” McKenna said.

Yahoo’s Olivo defended the strategy, saying: “We live in a multimedia world and we want to be wherever are customers are.”



  1. arun said,

    yeah it looks kind of desperate attempt. but i think the reason for offline advertising is this is what worked for yahoo…i can still recall the “Do you Yahoo?” ads, I saw back in 90’s. Only TV/radio advertising leveraged their brand. Moreover I think Yahoo is no longer as cool as it was before. mostly due to Google. But even now Google is no longer as cool it was before 1.5-2 years. Thats why they trying to establish all sorts of partnership with diff customers like dell,adobe,intuit to leverage thier presence etc. In effect if I think Google is going thru the same thing as Yahoo, interms of popularity -it has become old.Whereas becoming old for “desktop” software may not be a big deal as its difficuilt to switch. (thats why microsoft didnot lose its luster(although its lost some bcos of unpresence in web)) For web,its very easy to swtich..wats the effort needed to switch search engines?switch OS?
    A question is whether offline advertising better. Maybe it worked before when web was still new, but where to advertise online? simply, there is no place. I think offline advertising is always effective for “brand” (not particular product or service), given the money spent.
    anyway, overall i think i wud welcome this advertising by yahoo. many ppl have simlpy forgotten yahoo and whether anything is going on with them. this is an attempt to remind the ppl about this.whether it might be successful or not is a different argument.i think the outcome of this will be negative, but nevertheless an attempt is better.
    ah, too long a comment.looks like a follow-up post :)

  2. vanand said,

    Now, can we say Microsoft is the new cool out there? :)

    Well, to me growth is cool, gaining traffic share is cool, being is a leader is sort of boring as it is less challenging. Google is dominating search and Yahoo! dominates mail. They are not cool anymore, they are the leaders. The underdogs beating them in their own playing field is cool – and that is exactly what I expect from Microsoft. :)

    Re “offline advertising” – i don’t know what’s the big deal in this really, if you look at it on the outside, both are just means of trying to get brand exposure – be it online or offline or targeted or contextual or whatever…

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