Microsoft Zune Demo Video

September 22, 2006 at 9:09 am (Technology)

Microsoft Zune Demo Video : Social Networking Zune, Landscape Views Zune, FM Radio Zune… Cool Zune :)



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  4. arun said,

    looks like finally MS has understood the wave. sharing and social networking.
    looks like an ipod killer. lets wait and see.

  5. soothammodu said,

    take a look at this

  6. Coimbatore said,

    Some people requires to understand what is bad to understand good. Zune will help iPod sales to peak high.

  7. varun said,

    looks like a potential Ipod killer ..

  8. Geetha said,

    Some people require (spelling correction) to understand what is bad to understand good. Zune will help iPod sales to peak high.
    What is bad in ZUNE or iPod? Some companies can afford to hit the markets late, but will provide improved featured product like ZUNE and will storm the market – just by their marketing strategies and network.

    There are more things to understand on this aspect. I have iPod and I am bored. I am eagerly waiting for ZUNE and will buy it at any cost and will give iPod as gift to some one or throw it away.

    Your Logic is old. Present trends in Microsoft are more beuatiful. Did u watch PIRATES OF THE SILICON VALLEY?

  9. Anand said,

    You can do a lot with iPod than with Zune.
    1. Do you drive – take iPod in a car and listen,
    2. Do you travel in Airline – Watch the movie in screen nearby
    3. Do you listen to radio and podcasts – Make your itunes to subscribe and sync seamlesly.
    4. Do you share music on network – Use your itunes with ipod to share your songs on the computer network.
    5. iPod is a mature product with lot of accesories. –
    6. I wonder how are you going to search 1000 songs in Zune? try it on iPod.
    7. Finally – Do you create music and audio books then Microsoft is not you?

    Logically … just listen to music on iPod and relax baby but don’t gift a Zune to anyone.

    Trend… Just watchout these pages –

    Bored? Watch The Princess Diaries, The Incredibles, Cinderella, Toy Story, The Rock, The Rookie, and more.

  10. harry said,

    foreigners dont understand.

    Zune will do all of ^ plus more.
    theres a reason microsoft didnt bring a media player out yet and thats because theyve been spending time developing this ipod killer.

    how could they spend so much time not competiong in the market then bring out a sub standard product. it just wouldnt happen.

    the Zune will be able to network on the computer AND wirelessly anywhere. its guaranteed that microsoft already have car kits just like the ipods but better also.

    in my opinion the ipod already peaked.
    …now its Zune’s time

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