Windows Live Favorites – Your Centralized, Synchronized favorites database

October 5, 2006 at 1:57 pm (Technology)

Windows Live Favorites – Your Centralized, Synchronized favorites database.

I have two desktops at work and a laptop. Add another desktop at home. I am having a real hard time to move my favorites around four different computers. Sometimes, I mail the URLs to myself and try to open it later. Bookmarking is supposed to make life easier, but with more and more people working on multiple computers every day – keeping track of Favorites is a real pain. (With blogs however, there are web based RSS Readers to make things easy)

I was looking for a way to synchronize my bookmarks around all my computers. I can use web-based bookmarking apps like the one from Google. But again, this is not easy to access as you have to open Google website to access them – compared to Browser Favorites which is just a click away.

Enter – Windows Live Favorites – things are much easier for me now.

Live Favorites

  • Install “Windows Live Toolbar” in all the machines.
  • Enable “Live Favorites Synchronization” (You need a passport ID to do this)
  • Stay Happy and use your time more efficiently :)
  • Live toolbar will automatically synchronize your browser Favorites with the Live Favorites and the other way round. So each time you start a Browser window – Live toolbar will make sure your IE Favorites are in ‘sync’ with the centralized Live Favorites.

    No matter which PC you are on; you can use your Browser favorites which is already synchronized across all the machines via the Live Favorites database.

    This certainly saves a lot of time for me and ensures I don’t spend time searching for the same content again using a search engine.



    1. Windows Live Favorites - Your Centralized, Synchronized favorites database « Made in Madras said,

      […] Anand writes here about Windows Live Favorites Windows Live Favorites – Your Centralized, Synchronized favorites database. […]

    2. g.arun said,

      This browser looks familiar to me.

    3. g.arun said,

      dei, this has been solved by yahoo bookmarks 5 yrs ago. I have been using it for a couple of yrs.
      now delicious is the way. U can search others bookmarks. sort of search engine but in a very limited sense.

    4. vanand said,

      Yahoo, delicious et al are all web-based Bookmarks. It is useful but not as easy and IE > Favorites > Click

      This is cool cos this is going to sync everything that you have in your IE-Favorites across multiple PCs.

    5. g.arun said,

      you are right. but if you have yahoo toolbar, its the same thing – u can sync up all ur bookmarks in IE/FF with one click. but who is using toolbars anyway thesedays?

    6. vanand said,

      Who is using toolbar? Come on da, Why is Google paying DELL $$ to install Google pack in DELL PCs?? Cos Google wants people to use it’s toobar (besides toolbar everything else is crap in the PACK). To me, this indicates Google is seeing people using toolbar more than in the future and wants to take a lead before someone else (MSFT? Yahoo?) gives people the toolbar they need… and steal the search share…

    7. Robert Shumake said,

      There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.

      Robert Shumake Paul Nicoletti

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