XBox 360 Commercial for India

October 16, 2006 at 10:30 am (Technology)

Akshay Kumar, Yuvraj Singh and some super special effects – Watch the Microsoft XBox 360 Ad for India here

Am not a hardcore Gamer myself, but still love the way the commercial has been shot!

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  1. g.arun said,

    stupid marketing a technology company there shud be only engineers.
    damn it! what a crap video for an amazing product.

  2. g.arun said,

    those marketing idiots shud have atleast contacted a kid who has some gaming passion to comment on the video. i cannot believe it. have u seen the ad for yahoo! or google maps recently…

    it sucks big time.. seriously .those bastards doesnt a shit abt how hard is to build build technology and portray crap.

  3. vanand said,

    Yahoo! Mail Ad really sucks !! he heh! What were they thinking? Anyways, but why do you think XBox Ad is crap? I thought its good actually …. am not a gamer myself by any standards – but I kind of liked the Ad – it was catchy and it made the point – that everyone has a gamer instinct in them.. .sort of..

  4. g.arun said,

    > it was catchy and it made the point – that everyone has a gamer instinct in them
    dude, come-on! I still think its crap, the Google maps ad is even crappier and the yahoo mail ad is the crappiest.

  5. vanand said,

    The link which you gave for G-Maps didn’t work. But I did see the Yahoo! Ad and it was crap, I agree. But I think we can agree to disagree that XBOX ad was a crap or not.

  6. g.arun said,

    just search for google maps ad on youtube

  7. vibhor said,

    seen taht commercial..
    its superb and attractive…
    they created such a wonderful ad..
    mind blowing..

  8. Weird MTV XBox Ad « Anand Hariharan V said,

    […] Other related posts: XBox 360 Commercial for India […]

  9. Nikul said,

    can u help me to dwnload this Video its Must important.
    i hope u will help me out.

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