Back from a week’s vacation

November 6, 2006 at 3:05 pm (Personal)

I was out of office for the entire week :)
Back to work today :(

You’ve heard of Monday blues – now raise that to the power of one million to conceptualize how boring it is on a Monday following a long vacation. The degree of “Monday blue” varies directly as the length of your vacation preceding that Monday. The constant of proportionality is the work-load that is sitting there waiting for you to come and take over.

Time, need time.



  1. alpinepath said,

    Ha! Ha! Very true. Well, think of how it used to be when we went back to school after the summer hols. That was fun. Guess, it is work that makes all the difference!

  2. g.arun said,

    where did u goto vacation?

  3. vanand said,

    From Bangalore to Chennai da, where else? :)

  4. pavitra said,

    So what did u do in chennai ?

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