BABEL – The Movie

January 8, 2007 at 11:16 pm (Personal)

Watched BABEL with friends this weekend at PVR Bangalore. Movie started about 30 minutes late and that cost us thirty bucks each for a cup of Ice tea. (Yuk, I don’t like this drink either – but coffee was not served :( )

Someone told me it’s a pulp fiction class. Man! he was wrong! totally! One common aspect though is Babel belongs to “uncategorized” category of movies. Can’t say its drama, no action, no thriller either. It cannot be categorized in to any one bucket, its “general” or in other words, “uncategorized” (or should we rename “uncategorized” to “tarantino”? )

Personally, I kind of liked the movie. It’s PURE CINEMA and don’t got looking for an entertainer in this and get disappointed. Brad Pitt really made a good decision acting in this one compared to the mostly meaningless acting performances he got in Oceans 11 et al.

Nice screeplay and some really talented direction by “Alejandro González Iñárritu” ( Yeah, just copy+pasted it from IMDB! Never could pronounce it nor spell it :))

I don’t’ quite understand why the movie was named “Babel” – Babel AFAIK denotes “Tower of Babel” and probably the story of the birth of evil as created by God. Many characters in this movie have flawed thinking and probably that’s why.

Anyways, worth the money and a must watch. Don’t take your girl-friend along though; it’s certainly not a DATE movie!




  1. Arun Nirmal said,

    Its great to see a review here da.. and Babel.. I never thot they’ll release it there.. They dint release the movie here until 1 month after it was screened in NY/LA. I totally agree with you. There a a few movies like Babel that are uncategorized. Sad Part is that they list under Drama. and yah the Director Inarritu is pronounced ( Alessandhro Gonzales In-yah-rrithoo). This was the guy who made “Amores Perros” which had the parallel time frames of an accident, used by Mani in Ayutha Ezhuthu. Its great to read the review here.. talk to you sometime..

  2. vanand said,

    Machi! Good to hear from you after a long time. How have you been? When’s your next trip to India?

  3. Senthil kumar M said,

    hai its great 2 read u guys comenting on,,,,,,, i too watched tht movie n felt the same,,,,,,

  4. Senthil kumar M said,

    can any one piz giv me a web id 2 download music videos n movies on net ,,,,, piz gt me on my mail yaar,,,,,,,,,,,,

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