Pursuit of Hapiness – Can you relate yourself to Chris Garnder?

March 26, 2007 at 4:53 pm (Pointless Philosophy)

Last Saturday I watched ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ with my dad at Six Degrees, Satyam Cinemas. I wanted to see this movie for a long time. Finally got a chance when I visited Chennai last Saturday.

Am not going to write a review of the movie, not worth spending time on it. It was good acting by Will Smith but overall movie was not something that is fresh to me. Being an Indian, I have seen and heard thousands of such “rags to riches” story. More of “money is not everything” types like one of my favourites, tamil movie “Varymayin Neram Sevappu” back in the 80s.

Movie apart, I don’t know how many of the audiences would’ve understood how Will Smith would’ve felt having no money left to spend for tomorrow and no clue on how to make some money right now. Sparing a few, I don’t think I know anyone who would’ve gone through tough times when money was a serious “lacking”.

… Or even if they did I don’t think they have shared the experience with me. Well, here is something new – I can tell you exactly how Chris Gardner(Will Smith) would’ve felt while he hit rock bottom having no money left to survive.

Can you relate some part of your life to Chris Garnder’s story? I can.



  1. Jayachandran said,

    ” Pursuit of Happiness” it is on my list list of must watch movies., but unfortunately i have not seen it yet., but i’ve read many reviews on it.

    ” Lacking ” money for basic requirement can be viewed as the worst situation to be in., that too when you have someone relying upon for basic needs.,

    This situation has been the hammer forging thousands of Great Humans., many who have become our mentors and deserve our admiration.

    I too can relate to ” the Lacking situation” in my life., and believe me ., a lot of other can do tat too… :)

  2. Archu said,

    ofcourse .. me too can relate to tat.. i watch this movie nowadays .. more often.. wenever I think to get motivated.. :)

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