HTC S710 SmartPhone – Windows Mobile 6.0

September 26, 2007 at 5:27 am (Personal)

Finally, after a really long delay – I got my new Windows Mobile Phone. Its a HTC S710 Phone with Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system. Nothing much to say about the phone yet, got to use it more to find out. But its certainly going to save me a lot of hassle of carrying my really heavy laptop wherever I go. HTC gives me Mail, messenger and everything else on the go – there is nothing that my HTC can’t do and my laptop can do! :)

HTC S710 Windows Mobile 6 Phone



  1. g.arun said,

    nice phone. how much did it cost? how much is the data plan costing?
    btw, why there are no numbers in the keyboard. wont it be inconvinient to type both in keyboard and phone. not a bog deal though.

  2. Morton zulu said,

    this is a wonderful instrument except that am unable to make full use of it as i dont have the manuals,if you can please down load the the manuals for me please.

  3. Loverboyharsha said,

    Nw im going 2 buy htc s710 mobile phone.small confusion btwen s710 & htc touch both are windows6.0 only. I find only difference is touch screen & screen size

  4. rory said,

    i bought the same phone from i had free shipping and i got the phone in two days, so i recomend going there for any electronical things.(phones, GPS, stereos). but this phone is more a hassle than anything. It cant get any ringtones at all. and when you slide it to text, the phone doesnt change its screen to go sideways for awhile, its like a 5 or 6 second delay. also the internet doesnt really work. it only lets you go to certain web pages. i tried myspace facebook and yahoo, and all three didnt work. the only one that worked is the one to get to i spent a boatload of money on this phone(279.00)and did not get worth that in the phone. all in all, i would go to and get a different phone. NOT the HTC smartphone.Also the phone is the thickest ive ever seen!(over a half of an inch).

  5. tejas soni said,

    new s710 mo purches

  6. tejas soni said,

    new s 710 htc mo purches

  7. Ndahiro Richard said,

    seriously this is a good phone ever seen in my life .!!can believe sence i stated to use it til now dnt need to use a labtop its amazing (KIGALI – RWANDA)

  8. adil said,

    how can I reset my phone settings ? model s710

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