10 years

January 16, 2009 at 7:17 am (Personal)

We had a small get-together last weekend. About ten of us from good old Alpha gang came together at a small place in T Nagar. Spent couple of hours sharing as many updates as we could about every damn name that we can remember from good old Alpha days.

Funny that someone suddenly mentioned its been 10 years since we finished school in Alpha.

10 years? 10 god-damn years!

Looking back now, what have I done in these 10 years other than simple personal gains like career etc. Even today, when I meet friends we talk about the pranks and tricks from school days and do not re-collect many from the 10 years post-school.

Wondering how should I measure my time quality of time spent in these 10 years. Good ? Bad? Lazy? Active? Successful?


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