Blogging using Windows Live Writer

February 28, 2009 at 12:54 pm (Technology)

I never thought I would use a ‘offline’ software to write a note to my online journal (blog).

Windows Live Writer.

Yes, surprisingly supports Blogger and WordPress. Good to see this from Microsoft.

This is my first post using Live Writer in to WordPress. Should say I am impressed with the account setup process which is completely self-run, smooth and uncomplicated.

UI is pretty neat with no extra flak that we usually see in most of MS products.

Now to features, first I’ll try and insert a picture here.

Windows Live Writer

Works. (Yeah, running Windows 7 Beta 7000 Build and loving it)

Next, insert maps.

Insert Maps in Windows Live Writer

Let me try inserting a City view of Chennai using this.

Map picture

Works. And this is cool. Inserting a map snip directly from Live Maps *without* even opening a browser window. wow!

Next, let me try the “Insert Video” option.

Works. Again, inserting a video directly from Youtube without even having to open a browser window. I am really starting to love Live Writer.

Let me see if Live Writer helps me move by lazy bones and start blogging actively again. Hoping! :)

Windows Live Writer, no Microsoft legacy, simple. works.

(Not the usual “Microsoft Windows Live Writer Professional Edition 2009 with SQL Server 2008 Lite Edition CTP”  kind of complication in this one certainly) :D



  1. arun said,

    why would u want to use an offline software for an online journal. wats the problem with typing in a textbox in a browser? seems easier to me.

  2. vanand said,

    I thought the same before I used this thing but I found out it is the same as using “Outlook” or “thunderbird” for email. If you are using a laptop then composing a post while on the move and “sync” it back to wordpress when connectivity is available is a good feature.

    And of course the “rich” client experience, certainly better than the wordpress “new post” UI.

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