Sunday special at Rathna Cafe

March 2, 2009 at 6:24 am (Personal)

This Sunday morning my mom wanted to go visit Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane. We then decided we can also have a special breakfast at Triplicane Ratha Cafe.

Left home early, enjoying the traffic free streets of T. Nagar on the way. We were pleasantly surprised to see the temple was not that crowded either. Darshan at each sannadhi didn’t take more than 10 minutes.

In about 45 minutes we were done at Parathasarathy Temple and my dad suggested T. Nagar Rathna cafe is a better choice as parking won’t be a problem there.

Rathna cafe, heaven for devotees of the south indian style sambar. : )

We ordered, Sambar Vadai and this is how it looked.


Yummy, delicious! And to add to the thrill, the delicious sambar was served in this new look vessel.


Every table has one of these vessel and saves you from the embarrassment of asking the waiter repeatedly for extra sambar.

If I ever leave Chennai, Rathna Cafe Sambar is one thing I’ll really, really miss !:)

I would pay anything for that special sambar taste but it was surprising that Ratha Cafe is probably more expensive than Saravana Bhavan.

Coffee = Rs.17.50
Sambar Vada, single Vada = Rs.25
Dosa = Rs.45

A very good start to a Sunday, isn’t it? :)


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  1. sridevi said,

    hey!!!!! doing some vetti browsing and landed here in your blog…….the sambar is so appetizing……I really need some good samabar and vada….!!!!!.

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