Google Chrome is not for me

March 25, 2009 at 4:13 am (Technology)

My dad said Google Chrome is fast, really really fast. I downloaded it today and installed in my work laptop.

10 minutes with Chrome browsing Slashdot, Techcrunch and a intranet site.

No, Chrome is not the one for me. My intranet site fails to render properly, its on SharePoint and maybe Google deliberately don’t want to render SharePoint portal pages correctly.

  • Zoom functionality sucks compared to IE8.
  • UI is little confusing without the change in tone/shade of colors used for the web-page space and the tool-bar space
  • Start time is much better than IE8 
  • Having more tabs open at the same time is confusing

I didn’t have the patience to keep trying longer, good bye chrome. Back to good old IE.



  1. 1 said,

    “Back to good old IE”
    cudnt help lol’ing for a while

  2. arun said,

    that was me earlier

  3. Anand said,

    Wudn’t you ROFL if that was , “Back to good old Netscape?” :)

  4. arun said,

    well i consider firefox as netscape’s brother :) so i wudnt rofl.
    if its safari, i wud have rofl’ed but not as much as IE

  5. vanand said,

    Well, I use Firefox at home and IE8 at work, I don’t know how am I supposed to love or hate either of them.

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