My kind of PC, My kind of Cost

March 27, 2009 at 5:39 am (Technology)

Windows PC Ad, that actually makes a lot of sense. Who would want to spend double or probably more on a Mac that has the exact same specs? Mac-tax? Sorry, can’t afford it Mr. Jobs



  1. arun said,

    if u want quality, u pay more. its that simple.
    sorry, i have to dismiss this as a fanboy post. for someone like us who spends lot of time on a laptop, 1000$ extra is nothing when considering the experience benefit on a daily basis.
    im not an apply fanboy, but after using os x,i cant imagine going back to windows or linux.

  2. vanand said,

    not always does paying more equates to quality, right? I use a PC and I am really happy with its quality. If given a chance i would certainly like to try a Macbook, but certainly not at the cost of $500 Mac-tax. Not worth it anytime for me and for most not worth it given the current economy.

    Off-topic though, I can imagine a life at work without Outlook 2007. I spend little, very little time outside Outlook when I am at my laptop.

  3. arun said,

    ofcourse not necc price equates to quality, but in this case definitely it does atleast imo.
    its not that PC is of low quality, but macs are def better quality.
    500$ or 1000$ more is worth it if you consider the times u spend with laptop.
    for eg, i spend atleast anywhere from 10-18 hours a day staring at a computer. a mac very well stays alive without much upgrade of memory etc for lets say 3years. so imagine the additional cost/hr, its nothing.

    why do i say quality is better? hard to pin point. but every little thing saves time and frustration. for eg, just 15min before i was uninstalling some app which i downloaded. in mac, i just drag the item to trash, it automatically uninstalls. in PC, i have to find the uninstaller application, then it opens up a pop up, with a progress bar of deleting etc.
    Even MS products like excel is better in mac(maybe not interms of features), i wanted to pull in some graph today and in the help menu, theres a search as soon as i type “graph” and when u mouse over an item, it opens a pointer to the corresponding menu,submenu etc. in windows, it opens a pop up saying “click on tools, then choose blah etc etc”.instead of doing that for me.(atleast the last time i saw wich was pretty long back).

    i can go on and on, definitely in terms of understanding user’s intent, os x fares way better than windows. usablity(not wizzy wag graphical design but many simple actions are made very intutitive and interface has been designed after good thought to make u just “do it and leave”). in terms of crash or restarts also os x,are more stable (i havent restarted mine in more than 2 months i believe)

  4. arun s said,

    more price = better quality, this may not be true always for all companies but its true for AAPL. I am not saying all AAPL products are genius, but I can damn well vouch that even their crappiest products (in terms of idea) will have excellent build quality, which is what is getting built into the price.

    i will go with arun, once you start using mac os x there is no turning back. surprising i am well used to both windows and mac os x, i use windows for work and osx for personal.

    any company that is not exclusively building cloud computing products has to rely heavily on the hardware build quality.

    instead of me ranting,
    TIME – Best Inventions 2008 –
    TIME – Gadget of the year 2007 –,30583,1686204_1686305_1690738,00.html,28804,1677329_1677346,00.html

    If you say TIME is biased, then see what WIRED says:

    Bottom line Microsoft is a great company which lacks some one like Steve :)
    Let’s see what Ozzie does, I’ve my fingers crossed.

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