Beijing Olympic Fireworks. Fake !

August 12, 2008 at 4:21 am (News)

I really liked the Fireworks Display that I saw on television for the Olympic Opening Ceremony on 08/08/08. Well, am sure you liked it too and got fooled like me :)

The fireworks display that we saw on television was nothing more than a Hollywood Movie like animation sequence. Yes, this smart-ass Chinese broadcasting company editing the entire fireworks footage and replaced it with a 55 second animation sequence. What we saw is a 55 second movie and not actual ceremony. sheesh! so much for broadcasting ethics!

Here, reported at MSNBC:
Olympics at China

It took planners almost a year to create the 55-second sequence which appeared to be more than two dozen footprints amidst fireworks in the sky, said Gao Xiaolong, head of the visual effects team for the ceremony, in the Daily Telegraph story.

Even those at the city’s new Bird’s Nest National Stadium, where the Olympics are being held, viewed the computer-generated footage from their seats as they watched on the stadium’s giant television screens, said Britain’s Sky News in a story.

“Meticulous efforts were made to ensure the sequence was as unnoticeable as possible,” the newspaper reported Xiaolong as saying. “They sought advice from the Beijing meteorological office as to how to recreate the hazy effects of Beijing’s smog at night, and inserted a slight camera shake effect to simulate the idea that it was filmed from a helicopter.”


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MIX07 – Win a trip to MIX07

March 14, 2007 at 8:31 pm (News)

Come join the conversation
MIX is designed to facilitate an open exchange of ideas between presenters and attendees.
Like last year, expect to hear from some of the most successful and innovative practitioners
on the Web.

Come meet up and network.
At MIX, you can talk firsthand to Microsoft executives (or give them a piece of
your mind) and rub shoulders with a whole host of influential Web personalities,
business leaders, analysts and venture capitalists.

Come see something cool.
Microsoft and its partners will be unveiling innovative new technologies and services
at MIX and showing off the latest opportunities with Windows Vista™, Xbox 360™,
Windows Mobile® and Windows Live™ services. Microsoft Research will return for another
peek at the latest wonders they’re cooking up in the labs.

Come have some fun.
We hold MIX in Las Vegas for a reason! We strictly enforce a casual atmosphere throughout
and try to help everyone have a good time at the end of each long day. This year,
among other things, you can look forward to a private party with the world-famous
Pussycat Dolls at PURE, the hottest nightclub on the strip.

Come to MIX07 for the Next Web Now.

A Web Developer, build:

  • AJAX Web applications quickly and easily with ASP.NET
  • Living room applications for Windows Media® Center
  • Gadgets that live on the Windows® desktop
  • Sites and applications that consume Windows Live services
  • Xbox 360 games and experiences with XNA
  • High-scale back-end applications with Windows Server® and SQL Server
  • Exciting new Web experiences with the still-secret “Technology X”
  • And more
  • A Web Designer, learn about:

  • Optimizing your site for IE7
  • Using WPF and “WPF/E” to design gorgeous and highly functional user interfaces
  • Extending your Web experience beyond the browser and onto televisions and other
  • The suite of Expression tools that revolutionize the way designers work with developers
  • And more
  • A Web Businessperson, learn about:

  • Case studies of profitable sites built using the Microsoft platform
  • Monetizing RSS
  • Building a better user experience to unlock new revenue opportunities
  • Forging tighter, stickier customer connections
  • Microsoft’s comprehensive advertising platform
  • Building innovative media experiences into your site
  • And more
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    ‘Living The Blog’ – Chennai BlogCamp 2006 – Bloggers meet at Chennai

    September 1, 2006 at 2:45 pm (News)

    Wow! I didn’t realize how big this was until Scoble posted this!

    Scoble says here that Chennai Blog Camp 2006 on September 9-10 is actaully going to be bigger that the TechCrunch Party in the States.

    Scoble goes on to say

    How do I know it’ll be big? Because everything in India gets big almost instantly. Americans can’t understand the population density of places like India and China unless they visit

    Best thing is it happens in Chennai!! My city! My heart! My home! Well, actaully my home away from my work place at Bangalore :)

    Most of the bloggers I know are not from India and seems like I might do with some company to visit the Blog camp – interested folks ping me!

    Bloggers from around the world will participate via video conferencing, live blogging, webcasting and podcasting of all the sessions.

    There will be sessions on how to conduct Podcast interviews, branding via blogs and next generation marketing.

    Topics like blogging as a form of journalism, making a journalist of everybody, blogging as a vibrant medium on disaster management and social media, will be extensively discussed.

    ‘We hope to provide a forum where bloggers can share their stories and be inspired by innovative and successful blogging experiences,’ BlogCamp volunteer Kiruba Shankar said.

    Participants will have the choice of simultaneous workshops and sessions that will be held in small groups, and use relatively informal ways of engaging each other, in conversations around the various themes.

    The convention of the blogging community will take place at the Tidel Park premises, an IT hub in the city’s south that houses more than 700 IT and associated services firms.

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    How many Windows Live Services are there?

    August 16, 2006 at 12:53 pm (News)

  • Windows Live Academic Search
  • Windows Live Account
  • Windows Live Agora
  • Windows Live Book Search
  • Windows Live Call
  • Windows Live Call for Free
  • Windows Live Custom Domains
  • Windows Live Dev
  • Windows Live Expo
  • Windows Live Favorites
  • Windows Live Feeds
  • Windows Live Gallery
  • Windows Live ID
  • Windows Live Ideas
  • Windows Live Image Search
  • Windows Live Local
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Mobile
  • Windows Live Mobile Mail
  • Windows Live Mobile Search
  • Windows Live Near Me Search
  • Windows Live News Search
  • Windows Live Newsbot
  • Windows Live OneCare
  • Windows Live Product Search
  • Windows Live Publishing Portal
  • Windows Live QnA
  • Windows Live Safety Center
  • Windows Live Search
  • Windows Live Search Answers
  • Windows Live Search Desktop
  • Windows Live Search Help
  • Windows Live Search Macros
  • Windows Live Search Translation
  • Windows Live Shopping
  • Windows Live Spaces
  • Windows Live Toolbar and Desktop Search
  • Windows Live Web Search
  • Windows Live Web Search SDK
  • Windows Live Wifi Suite
  • Windows
  • … and growing.

    This list not including Office Live, Xbox Live, CRM Live and other non-Windows-specific Live services.

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    Is Bandwidth more important than Food?

    August 15, 2006 at 6:52 pm (News)

    If you are a average Indian farmer and someone asks you what is important for you in life, what would be your answer?

    Food? Irrigation? Farm subsidies? Lower borrowing rates for loans? Suicide problem?

    REUTERS here reports that an Indian village has uploaded itself to the internet.

    Ok, exposure to internet and computers is good. So? How is it going to solve the problems listed above?

    The news report says that the database of entire 1,757 residents was uploaded to a website. WOW! What a feat!

    “It will be a revolution,”

      – said farmer Ajaib Singh.

    Ajaib doesn’t know how stupid he is. Can he tell us what help this revolution is?

    The village does not have a single internet connection and most of the villages don’t know what the word computer means. Still, they claim this web initiative will help them connect to the outside world. You connect to the outside world and do what? Solve hunger problems? Solve Irrigation problems?

    Another funny quote here from one of the villagers:

    “Now we can put our problems on the Web site, and then the government can’t say ‘we didn’t know'”

    I can’t stop laughing at this. So you think some minister somewhere will take responsibility for the problems posted in the website? Wait a minute, this village is in India. :) The minister will probably blame the ISI in Pakistan for running the website! :)

    Bill Gates once famously said that his dream is to “Put PC in every home”. He probably meant “PC in every home, that can afford it”

    I think janata should shed their obsession with Computers and Internet. They should stop dreaming that computer and internet exposure will solve a common man’s problem. A farmer with a annual income of less than a half a lakh does not need Tally or Microsoft Excel to maintain his accounts. In fact, he doesn’t even need a calculator.

    A village with farmers committing suicides doesn’t need website!

    A farmer hardly getting a square meal a day certainly does not need a email address for himself!

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    I love this quote from Bill Gates :)

    August 14, 2006 at 10:44 pm (News)

    The familiar pattern of a decade ago begs the question that Bill Gates was asked when he met last month with a group of executives and journalists from The New York Times:

    Will you do to Google what you did to Netscape?

    Mr. Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and chairman, paused, looked down at his folded hands and smiled broadly, as if enjoying a private joke. “Nah,” he replied, “we’ll do something different.

    Here is the article and more about how Ray Ozzie will try to fill up the huge space left by Bill Gates’ exit.

    Ray Ozzie
    The man whom Mr. Gates is counting on to make a difference is Ray Ozzie, a soft-spoken 50-year-old who joined the company just eight months ago. He has the daunting task of galvanizing the troops to address the Internet services challenge, shaking things up and quickening the corporate pulse.

    New York Times asks Can This Man Reprogram Microsoft?

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    World’s 2nd richest man joins hands with World #1 Richest man Bill Gates

    June 28, 2006 at 8:23 pm (News)

    Super-rich American investor Warren Buffet will be giving away 85% of his $44 billion estate to charities, most of it going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This will be the largest single gift in history! Search in for more, too many articles n this online and I can’t decide which one to quote!

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    This day changed the fate of two biggies forever

    November 23, 2005 at 7:44 pm (News)

    This day will go down in to the history if India as one of the important ones in the lives of two great personalities.

    One Mr.Lallu Prasad Yadav and other is our beloved Sourav Ganguly.

    Lets talk about cricket first. (although the other episode is more important for country’s progress)

    Ganguly named in Test squad; as a player and not a captain: However bad his form was, he thought he can never be dropped. Someone by the name of Jagmohan Dalmia added more truth to this statement.

    Finally, Kiran More and the panel of five selectors acted brave and dropped ganguly from the one day team. But you know, ganguly made it all easy for them by this great statement during the SA tour :
    “Chappel asked me to quit”

    He thought he can stage another public drame and throw chappel out, funny that he got himself thrown out.

    > Ganguly’s ODI career. RIP <

    Today, the selectors laid foundation stones for his test career’s cemetery. Yes, they made a good decision by selecting him. Cos now, he cannot complain of not given a chance. They should go ahead and make him play in the 11 and ask him to prove himself. I am sure he will fail. The only thing he is good at nowdays is staging drama’s and roleplay’s off the field and in the dressing room.

    Kudos to Indian selection panel and all those who were brave to fight against a clueless captain and a failed player. Think of the other factors they would have to put up with; dada would have tried all the tricks possible to get back, both on and off the field. We all know that his career would have ended long back if we dont consider the Dalmiya factor. Funny that on field his performace is no better that Sujith Somasundar or even worse. I would like to know where he stands in domestic batting rating? In the last ten for sure.

    Yes, he was very good at one time. But that is long gone now. Lets move on and wish Dravid and his loyal men all the best for their future together. For a change, we will see them play cricket and cricket only. No more politics and dramas.

    Funny Quotes from the Press:

    Ganguly was included in the team as a “batting all-rounder” to provide more balance to the side which has three specialist spinners and pacemen each.

    It will be Ganguly’s first international outing after his public spat with Chappell. Ganguly has gone on record to say that the spat was a thing of the past and he was willing to work with him again and play in the team in any capacity.


    Now for the second historic story.

    Yes. Its India, in Bihar, and its Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav.

    Everyone saw this coming, but no one was brave enough to predict such a tur around failure.

    The mandate in Bihar is a vote for “change” and “governance”. The Assembly poll results that brought to an end 15 years of Lalu Raj in the State. 

    Press Quotes:
    Battle lost, supporters desert Lalu Prasad

     Bustling with activity till Monday, the official residence here of former chief minister Rabri Devi and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Tuesday fell quiet with the party’s defeat in the polls, out-of-bound for all except the few close to them.

    The imposing iron gates were shut and the sprawling 1, Anne Marg residence was deserted after results showed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Janata Dal-United combine had routed the RJD.

    There were no crowds of supporters shouting slogans and jostling with each other to get a view of their leaders, and only a few security men were seen.

    The guards had strict instructions to turn away the media and allow only a few RJD leaders as Lalu Prasad, in a bad mood after his party’s 15-year reign ended, was taking rest.

    “We have been instructed to close the gates and not allow anyone in, particularly media persons,” said a guard.

    “Everything is missing here, no gathering, no supporters, no activities,” said another security man.

    Sources at the residence said the Bihar strongman was restless and nervous and once the RJD’s defeat became obvious, he lost his cool.

    “Saab’s (Lalu Prasad’s) mood is bad, he was restless and nervous after the RJD-Congress alliance lost the battle,” a source said.

    A senior RJD leader admitted Lalu Prasad was upset and this was reflected in the gloom at his residence.

    Unlike the last assembly polls in February when RJD emerged as the single largest party with 75 seats, it managed only 54 seats in the 243-member assembly this time.

    Lalu Prasad was the proxy ruler of Bihar since 1997, when Rabri Devi became chief minister after he stepped down from the post over corruption charges.

    Sources said Rabri Devi spent most of her time Tuesday with her children but was restless when news came that she was trailing in initial rounds of counting of votes in Raghopur constituency, which she eventually retained by a slender margin.

    Fantasy Cricket

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