Microsoft lad wins the Chennai R15 race

September 10, 2008 at 11:49 am (Other)

Sameer from Microsoft wins the Yamaha R15 race at the Irungattukottai Race Track, Chennai.


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Dasavatharam Movie – Wikipedia

September 10, 2007 at 5:23 am (Other)

Good to see Dasavatharam getting in to Wikipedia so early. Hmm, should read more to get to know the hype this time around in tamil movie industry. Sivaji was one wild ride and lets see if Dasavatharam tops that :)

From Wikipedia:

Dasavatharam (Tamil: தசாவதாரம் ) is a forthcoming Tamil language film, directed by noted director, K. S. Ravikumar. It stars Kamal Haasan, who plays ten different roles, Asin Thottumkal, who plays two different roles, Mallika Sherawat and Jayaprada in the lead roles with Napolean, Nagesh, Santhana Bharathi and Ravikumar himself in other pivotal roles. The movie upon release will be subsequently dubbed into six Indian languages, which are Hindi, Telugu language, Malayalam, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Bengali with the same title. The film’s score and soundtrack has been written by acclaimed composer Himesh Reshammiya with lyrics from two lyricists. The film, prior to release, has given rise to great expectations due to the number of high-profile artists involved within its creation. At the present status of progress, the film is still being shot in various locations and a trailer is being readied. The movie is set for a Diwali release on November 7, 2007.

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Buy Canned Oxygen – Sale of canned oxygen! :)

October 13, 2006 at 9:49 pm (Other)

Sales of canned oxygen to create fresh market

Japanese convenience store operator Seven-Eleven Japan has breathed fresh air into its product lineup by announcing it will add cans of oxygen to its shelves.

The firm said it would make an entry into the rapidly expanding oxygen market and begin selling cans of oxygen

Oxygen has emerged as a popular new product and sparked the creation of city “oxygen bars” that provide oxygen for customers to breathe in. The convenience store operator will sell small portable cans. It is the first retailer among Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets to enter the oxygen market.

The idea behind the product is to allow buyers to replenish their oxygen levels anytime they feel a lack of it due to stress, fatigue, or other factors. Seven-Eleven Japan developed the product together with Tokyo based Hakugen, a manufacturer of miscellaneous lifestyle-related goods.

A drop in the amount of oxygen in the body can make people start to yawn and sigh. Normal air contains only about 21 percent oxygen, but the oxygen concentration in the cans is 95 percent, and breathing it in can reportedly bring on a feeling of invigoration.

Each can contains enough oxygen for 35 two-second inhalations, meaning each can lasts for roughly a week if it is used five or six times a day. At first the canned oxygen will be sold in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures, then at all 11,000 of Seven-Eleven Japan’s

Reported here

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Moving away from MSN/Live Spaces to WordPress 2.0

August 11, 2006 at 10:18 pm (Other)

I never loved “MSN Spaces” and not really impressed that it’s rebranded as “Live Spaces” now. It’s got very less option to customize your page/blog. So moving on to WordPress now – I have tried to move some of my previous posts from Spaces to here – but all my comments are lost now. Hope WordPress works out well. It was easy to setup and customize. Here we go!

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Subroto Bagachi Live!

June 27, 2006 at 8:21 pm (Other)

Saturday, I was at some forum where there was a guest lecture by CEO of Mind Tree Mr.Bagachi (I can never get the spelling right)

He is really a good speaker. The speech was though provoking and certainly not boring.

    Topic: Challenges for the Leaders of 21st century

Here is a question from the audience to Mr.Bagachi after his speech.

    Question: When things are normal, is there a need for Leaders? When everything is going on smooth and people are settled in to a system then there is no necessity for leaders. What’s your opinion?

Mr. Bagachi:

You are wrong. When things are smooth and people are settled, Leaders are busy thinking about ways to change the system to optimize it moreand improve it. When system is undergoing a chance, leaders are busy thinking ways to get the system settled down.

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I am running Vista Desktops starting today with Office 12

June 26, 2006 at 8:24 pm (Other)

Starting today I will be working on Vista (beta) Desktops starting today with Office 12(beta) with IE 7(beta)

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Should we plan for the future or not?

November 3, 2005 at 11:49 am (Other)

See, back in India(AFAIK) we strongly believe in *fate*. Both good and bad things are influenced by some superior power called fate/God. This is a basic philosophy no matter what religion, cast or sect we belong to.
I was pondering today for a long time on this topic… (me, pondering!?! How often do i do that these days?)
Ok now, I am not going to question the basic faith in god and confuse myself and you.
Lets leave that aside forever. Lets safely lock that discussion up in a Pandora’s box and mess with it when we are 60 and got nothing else to do.
My question to myself(and to all you anonymous readers) is : “Should we plan our future or just leave it to the hands of fate?” . Sometimes “Future Plans” sounds like a oxymoron to me! Cos if you cant have control over your future then what does “Future Plan” mean ?
One argument would be, forget about the future, forget about the past and enjoy the present before it becomes a part of the past. Ok. For those who have their dad’s business doing well or with a bank balance in excess can easily follow this philosophy. Buddy, this is not for you and me!
For us commoners, we need to plan our future. And we start with planning our monthly expenses and goes on till investing for your child’s future post-graduate college fees when you are still in your early 20’s! This is how most of us plan! Don’t we? But look at the “If”s and “But”s in this. We have one answer to all questions “God knows”. Ok so if God knows all these then why are we trying to plan for it ? Why not God plan it for us? (Hmm… Can I get any more stupid?)
So does this mean we should never plan for anything ? I don’t know.
Some guys(like me) go to the extent of framing 2 or 3 backup plans for one instance or incident.
Does it mean these guys are so confident about the control that they have over the things around them?
Now, what more can I say? Does it mean they don’t believe that fate can easily come in and screw up their plans upside down and leave you stranded and/or pleasantly surprised.
Ok, so there is no definitive answer to this. But one thing is for sure, better not to take that “fate factor” in to our future calculations. Best bet would be to Plan and then expect surprises !

Disclaimer: Hey, this is just a opinion, just a loud thought. These are not my views on how one should live or what one should do with their life.

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Seetha Kalyanam (Scenes from Ramayana)

October 31, 2005 at 7:50 pm (Other)

Sunday was a busy day. There was a function in my relatives place (my perimma’s place for those who understand). The occasion was “Seetha Kalyanam”. I don’t consider my knowledge in Hindu traditions as profound, but my experiences in attending such traditional functions are plenty. There is one in my family circle every now and then,
So, this Sunday was the day when my perimma(aunt) completed reciting Ramayana(in total) 64 times in for 64 days continuously. It’s a small achievement indeed considering the fact to successfully complete a recital, you need to complete all *** chapters, which would take about 5 hours. So, Sunday was the 64th day and hence the grand gala.
It started at about 9am. As you can see from the attached photos, people who gathered sung praises about God Rama. There were lots of music and fun attached to it which made everything interesting to listen and informative too. Some who gathered there started to get a little impatient with lengthy chants and songs and bajans. All this continued till 1pm. Finally, there was “deepa-aaradhanai” and final namaskarams by all asking for blessings from elders and god. Girls who are expecting to get married soon are asked to make special prayers on the occasion.
Lunch was served at 1.30pm. First, the tired lot who sang and chanted for hours were given preference for having food first. Then came our turns. Had good South Indian food with “potato curry” and “drumstick sambar” and some “poricha appalam” :-)  Loved it
So, the day was pretty good. Some divine knowledge gained and some sincere prayers and more important, blessings from god and elders.
Sorry I was not able to add any facts about “Seetha Kalayanam”. Really, I tried but edited it out in the end, I was not sure about any facts that I wrote. :-(
If someone can add in some thing real about facts of this ritual, please do so. It will be greatly appreciated.

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My Movie Review : Revolution OS (English) 2001

October 28, 2005 at 7:51 pm (Other)

This movie is not to be seen for its entertainment value, but for the history that it documents and the knowledge one gains from it.

A very interesting documentary which even, clueless as to the secrets of operating systems, will readily understand. You can watch it with barest comprehension of Linux or the philosophy underlying the open source concept.

Much credit to the filmmaker for not only explaining the seminal value of open source – the commitment to free interchange of ideas with minimal incorporation of legal protection for intellectual property – but for also succinctly allowing contrasting values and competing personalities screen time. This documentary is a very concise but excellent guide for the uninitiated into a world usually the arcane preserve of specialists most adept at talking to each other.

Straight on the face documentary is what “Revolution OS” is about. It traces the history of GNU, Linux, Free Software and the Open Source movement.

To keep the truth close to reality, film showcases interviews from every one who contributed big to the GNU and to the birth of Linux. Includes the gurus Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman.

Here is the list of who’s who in this movie:

Linus Torvalds                Himself

Richard M. Stallman       Himself

Eric Raymond                Himself

Bruce Perens                Himself

Larry Augustin               Himself

Michael Tiemann           Himself

Brian Behlendorf            Himself

Frank Hecker                Himself

Chris DiBona                Himself (Windows Refund Day Scene)

Nick Moffitt                   Himself (Windows Refund Day Scene)

Rob Malda                   Himself (On Inflatable Couch)

Donnie Barnes             Himself

Susan Egan                 Narrator (voice)

Marc Merlin                  Himself (Silicon Valley Linux Users’ Group President)

Terry Egan                   Self (Installfest Interview)

Now, most of us know only bits and pieces of facts about Linux. Watching this movie is like putting all those previous comprehensions together in to a well molded form of knowledge.

Watching all these greats talk will surely send a chill through you spine. We are witnessing a revolution in making since the birth of Personal computing in 80s.

This 90-minute film begins with Richard Stallman’s quest to create a free operating system. Stallman kicked off the beginning of an era with his famous memo to the world community. It then follows the movement through its two-decades-long evolution in interviews with Stallman, Linus Torvalds (creator of the open-source operating system Linux), Eric Raymond (author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar), Bruce Perens (author of the Open Source Definition), Brian Behlendorf (leader of the Apache Web server project), Michael Tiemann (founder of the first open source company) and Larry Augustin (founder of VA Linux Systems)

Revolution OS enlightens and informs, but sometimes gets bogged down in the technical jargon a little too much. However, a documentary is meant to be a snapshot of a specific slice of life, and J.T.S.Moore achieves this admirably.

Revolution OS home page:

The word “hacker” has varied interpretations from various sects of people. It mostly meant negative to me, before watching this movie.

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SillyGloop : Vijay Krishnan’s creation

October 26, 2005 at 7:51 pm (Other)

Here is an interesting link.

My friend Vijay Krishnan coins a new jargon in IT humor : ” SillyGloop”

Pretty neat cartoons in black & white all about the silly things in IT that we can laugh about.

Am sure you will enjoy and refer the link back to some of your friends. The cartons are mature and at the same time funny. Not like the usual email forwards that we get everyday which you read once and forget for good.

Its like the famous PHILIPS media tag line “Sense and simplicity”

SillGloop is “sensible and funny”

Here is a sample : (Vijay’s if you think I should remove this, please tell me so)

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Do we really need a Film Censor Board ?

October 10, 2005 at 8:03 pm (Other)

Censor Board:

Dozen (smart ass) people who decide on what content on the silver screen is suitable for a indian citizen to watch or not.

Now, does it not rise the question;Are Indians not smart enough to even chose what they want to watch?

Let the censor board review a movie and give it a 15+ or a 18+ or a 21+ certificate as applies. But stop there and not poke their stinking noses in to editing parts of the film as their personal instincts pleases them to. On what basis do they decide which is obscene and which is not ? what is violent and what is not ? Do they have a definition on what should be allowed and what should not ? It is all left to the personal discretion of the person who is reviewing the film, if he personally feels something is obscene he promptly refuses to issue a certificate or demand for those scenes to be cut. Can he/she not be wrong in making this decision ? Is there someone monitoring his decision ? Can someone overrule it ? Can this be challenged in the court of law ? No one knows the answers.

My sincere sympathy to the film makers who have to live with this unstable decision making body for years now. They invest crores and make a movie only to be commented by some stupid committee who think some parts of the movie are not suitable to audience? Who are these people to decide what is suitable and what is not ?

Are we Indians not smart enough to make our own choice of what to view and what not ?

Do we really need some one to tell us what is good and what is bad ? Of course I agree that age certificates are essential. But that should be the end of censor board’s power. If its a 21+ then every one can interpret that its not suitable for them. Theatres and multiplexes can be more strict in allowing under age audiences in.

I am not advocating to allow more sex and vulgarity in movies, No; that is not what I want. But I want to make my own decision to say “I do not want that” and not someone doing it for me.

Its time adults are treated like `adults` in our country. We can be responsible and make our own decisions. Of course some will not and will fail, but so what? they will learn their from mistakes and move on. After all, it is democracy and we can live our lives the way we want to.

Going through the memory lane.. you can recollect some rare regional movie of your choice being outright vulgar and you wonder how on earth was it overlooked? or was it overlooked for someone’s personal gain? And take some genuine movies like one in tamil called “virumaandi” which was played around by the censor board to issue a “go ahead”. The movie itself is a outstanding portrayal of how two different people can come up with two totally opposite view points of one incident.

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Is Bangalore a good place to live in?

October 4, 2005 at 8:05 pm (Other)

My views and perception about Bangalore city

If you are planning to spend a weekend here, go the pub, booze and spend the night dancing in the discotheques. Yes, bangalore rocks.

But for many other reasons, it sucks.

I may be biased and I sure could be wrong, but these are just my view points.

I have been living in bangalore for only 70 days now.(Maybe a 700 more will change my mind)

But, what is it that I dislike about bangalore…:(

1) Try bringing the vehicle(car/bike) that you own from you hometown, drive it around bangalore for sometime. You would start to notice that apart from spending for the petrol, you also are spending some substantial sum as fines/bribes to traffic policemen, why?

2) Public transport is something that the ruling political party proposes and the opposition disposes. You can often see extravagant projects discussed in local newspapers, but don’t worry they are no lesser than science fictions.

3) At bangalore, people spend more time in commuting to their work place than they actually spend there every day.

4) You can come up with 1000’s of *theoretical* possibilities going to MG Road from Malleswaram on a Friday evening.

5) You call it a `bargain` when you get a 2BHK for Rs.10000 per month rent

But what if you want to make bangalore your home? What if you get a job offer here which would force to you to stay in this city for months or years together? Could you do it ?No.

As many would argue, bangalore weather is romantic and pleasant. But how much pain could one actually go through to enjoy this weather?

Having said all this, yes I am going to be struck here for the several years to come.

ps: they say every city has got its own “pulse” that runs in to the people who live there, i guess it is going to take some more time for me to feel that in my veins. Will certainly come back and write more if things change…

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