My new bike: Yezdi Classic 250

November 7, 2006 at 10:23 pm (Personal)

Got myself a 1982 Yezdi Classic 250.

I was looking for a used bike for some time and it was love at first sight with this 250cc muscle machine :)

UPDATE Me and my Yezdi – Due to popular demand :)
Me my bike and Prashant
Yezdi and me

Yezdi Classic 250 1

Yezdi Classic 250 Engine

Yezdi Classic 250 side view

Yezdi Classic 250 top 1

Yezdi Classic 250 Front part

Yezdi Classic 250 Front full



  1. Nithiyanantham said,

    cool buddy

  2. Rajesh R said,

    Cool da. You should have a pic of yourself sitting on the bike.
    The muscle man on the muscle machine :)

  3. Prashant said,

    Wish you could have used a different location to “shoot” your bike !

    Bike looks neat but ambience screwed it up… you saw some learning in this comment

  4. g.arun said,

    its looks little old fashioned . but i guess the classic in the name says that :)

  5. g.arun said,

    ah, didnt read the first line. looks too good for 1982 model . as old as u :)

  6. Balaji said,

    Dei, Enna ithu… thought you too will buy a thunder bird or a ford Endeavour…. what happened… that too AP registration… dont tell me that you are not in singapore, you are in MS da..

  7. PKB said,

    Are you sure this is your bike or are you fooling us, I don’t see you any where near the bike….Anyways you wanted to buy car right, Also I know the reason behind AP registration :-)

  8. Raaj said,

    first thing to do would be take off the metal wiry thingy u have on the headlight.. too sissy for a muscle bike :)

  9. Mohan said,

    Hi Anand

    old is good the bike seems to be good but think of the petrol cost :)

  10. Mohd. Ali said,

    Hi Anand,

    Bike looks neat but where are you in the pics. Here in Dubai I can shoot a lot of Ferrari’s too you know. Next time I want you on it and not behind the camera. :)

  11. GANESH said,

    ok. fine. but take care while driving

  12. Anand said,

    Folks, due to popular demand :)
    Here check the updated pics with me and my bike :)

  13. Romit said,

    Hey man congrats
    so when u taking us on a ride to some pub :)

  14. sathish said,

    machi, bike gumunu irruku!

  15. deli said,

    hey! U dont know me..just googled yezdi and found these pics…well! me loves the yezdi 250 cc too! mines I think 88 model. U from AP?? so the registration says!
    but for the 952(registration no)..i wudnt have bikes # ABM(ANTI BALLISTIC MISSILE:)] 1952.

  16. mohijit dasgupta said,

    hello ,your bike is really cool can you tell me how did you restore it and what was the cost.
    i am plannin to buy a yezdi,if you could help me it would be nice.

  17. Gautam Salelkar said,

    I want a same bike, if you can, please send me details.
    Its a Gem of Bikes.

  18. Giridhar said,

    I am planning to buy classic. Please let me know if available
    Immediate cash

    Giridhar K C

  19. Giridhar said,

    I am planning to buy classic. Please let me know if available
    Immediate cash

    Yezdi Classic

    from Chennai

  20. jude said,

    hi dude,
    ur bike is good but try roadking its far better than classic cuse i own one and i am using it.the performance and the riding style also the acceleration is un matchable.ok dude.bye

  21. Retro Bicycles said,

    Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

  22. pramod kumar said,

    According to me this is the best bike for india and indians.

  23. hellman said,

    hey dude ur bike’s looking cool. I too have a yezdi classic with reg. CAX 1941 why don’t u put off that mesh around headlight and try putting thunderbird’s sidelamps(with white glasses) i have done the same it will still look cooler. HAVE GREAT TIME WITH YOUR MACHINE.

  24. Gnanaraj said,

    I had Yezdi D-250 Classic bike, its a old one. If any one wanted contact my mail.

  25. Gnanaraj said,

    I had Yezdi D-250 Classic bike, its a old one. If any one wanted contact my mail.


  26. N Lokeshbabu said,

    Hai dood

    Its a good bike and the king on the road i to have Yezdi 1976 model have a great time with ur bike

  27. basha said,

    hai… these bike is named as road king …

  28. maddy said,

    i have these bike since 3 months….i feel why i didnt buy before itself it has good performance then pulsar 250cc

  29. Kali Pramod said,

    Hi Guys,

    i do have Yezdi Classic D 250cc 1982, Its really classic bike, if you want to enjoy YEZDI ride go on hilly side.. you will come to konw the real power of the bike. No other bike can beat its power.

    Last weekend i went around 200 Kms ride in western Ghats of Karnataka, its Awesome experiance to ride Yezdi in hilly region.

    Be always proud to ride Yezdi.

    Guys bike still in Show room style. give me some tips to alter it.

    Kali Pramod

  30. ashik said,

    Hai, If someone really intreseted for a YEZDI-250 , 87 model, i’m owing one.. I wish to sell it…. Its of KERALA reg…………. If someone really intrsd do contact me at

  31. josam said,

    great man … good job tankx for ur pic…

  32. prasant jalna said,

    the manley bike. for only men

  33. ummerkutty edakkazhiyoor nalam kallu said,

    i like very much this yezdi bike you know i learned on this bike i will not forget youda

  34. chanthu said,

    i have a good yezdi classic 250 1983 model
    if u want contact me .
    i am from kerala

  35. Nikhil said,

    Hi there i am looking to buy a Yezdi 250. If you have anyone who wants to sell one please call me on +91-9923595949. I’m from Pune, Maharashtra.
    -Thanks, Nikhil

  36. MAYANK SINGH said,

    MY MOB. NO. 09451640370 FROM VARANASI (U.P)

  37. Abhishek Gehlot said,

    Please let me konw if your bike is still on for sale….

    tell me the price and your contact no..

    mine is 09910440007 (Delhi)

    or mail me at

  38. Selvakumar said,

    Contact me on 98847 16966 to sell your yezdi. I am in need of ?Yezedi.

  39. Selvakumar said,

    Contact me on 98847 16966 to sell your yezdi. I am in need of ?Yezedi

    I live in chennai region

  40. Nikhil bhargava said,

    I am looking for a yezdi classic or roadking . Anyone intrested can please contact me at 09916136340. I am based out of delhi .

  41. manish said,

    Please let me konw if any of your bike is still on for sale….

    tell me the price and your contact no..

    cont …

  42. manish said,

    Please let me konw if any of your bike is still on for sale….

    tell me the price and your contact no..

    cont …


    yezdi bike is my first and best friend

  44. Vinod said,

    For Sale in Hyderabad (Yezdi Bike – 250CC (Black) complety renovated with perfect condition & gives good mileage(35kms/per litre). please call me on 98858 79140 / mail me to

    you can view on

  45. ummer said,

    this is the best moutain climber bike

  46. ummer said,

    this is the best moutain climber bike added p v ummer nalam kallu edakkazhiyoor

  47. manu mohan said,

    i have a yezdi roadking

    yezdi is abike of the world

  48. salam p v yahu said,

    our home’s firt motor bike was yezdi classic2,this my second brother ownered when i was a childhood

  49. salam p v yahu nalm kallu said,

    yezdi,yezdy,yezdy,my heart beat was it

  50. kamarudheen k v sulaiman nalm kallu edakkazhiyoor said,

    ummerkuutty is my cussin his first bike was yezdi classic2,sound of the bike was very noisy

  51. kamarudheen k v sulaiman nalm kallu edakkazhiyoor said,

    ummerkutty is my cussin brother, his first bike was yezdi classic2.

  52. ramiz said,

    YEZDI roadking 1992 model for sale in Calicut, Kerala
    Execellent condition, painting and nickel done recently.
    contact : 9895242540

  53. gobal said,

    me too having one rocking muscle man(yezdi classic).me want to change some of the you know where the spare parts (expecially piston rings) available.mail me pleaze if you know ????????????

  54. paul said,

    i have a yezdi D250 classic 82 model, its an awesome bike

  55. paul said,

    just out of interest, how much did u get yours for??

  56. sivakumar said,

    Pondy registered Yezdi D250 Classic without RC available for sale. Anyone interested contact me. My final quote is Rs.6K

  57. sagar said,

    Hey buddy you havent uploaded the pictures of your YEZDI CLASIC alone man… It would have nice if you upload some pic of your byke instead of you people sitting on it.

    Please its possible to upload the pic of your byke in various angle, position do inform me at

    thank you..


  58. Ahmed said,

    i have a yezdi 250 1975 model is awesome

  59. steve said,

    hi guys,
    does any one know of a componey exportin the yezdi to the uk (new or old) used to have one while i lived in india.

  60. shankar said,

    very nice byke. that same i also need. If available please message me. my no 99865 06467

  61. vipin said,

    i have 1979 model yezdi for sale.original parts including jikov carburator.expects Rs35000.mail me at

  62. RanjithKOCHAPPAN said,

    In my home our first byke is also YESDI my fathers.
    he is no more and unfortunatly that byke is not mine presently.
    so i like YESDI CL2 I am searching for that

  63. RanjithKOCHAPPAN said,

    In my home our first byke is also YESDI my fathers.
    he is no more and unfortunatly that byke is not mine presently.
    so i like YESDI CL2 I am searching for that.

  64. RanjithKOCHAPPAN said,

  65. tarun chohan said,

    i want to buy this bike please contact me

  66. tarun chohan said,

  67. reny said,

    Great man! well i too have a yezdi clI 1986 model, a silver coloured with balloon rear tyre bike! nd am planning to buy one more of the same ! so if u hav any plan of selling ur cute boy then plz do reply to my gmail account! bye reny

  68. jayathehero said,

    hai guys i have a yezdi road king 1994 model. i want to remodel it . if anybody know about remodelling yezdi bikes please give me some suggestions. if you had experience in yezdi remodel please guide me my mail id


    i m searching for yezdi bikes for sale,they are king ot the old days.where can i get them

    • rr said,

      hi, im selling my 1992 model roadking, if interested contact

      • vikas said,

        iam intrested to buy pls contact me – vikas – 8142802636

  70. faisal said,

    yazdi byke as good but i dont like this byke i loving yamaha,your photos is look nise.

  71. faisal ph said,

    yazdi byke look nise but voice toomuch so i loving yamaha.your pohoto looks nise.

  72. shujat A. khan said,

    my first bike is yezdi classic D250 i like this bike very much because the initial pickup is very good and the sound of the bike is also very good i travelled all the south india on this bike, i have 4 friends all of them had an Y E Z D I D 250 CLASSIC

  73. SWAPNIL said,

    I have yezdi d-250 classic 1986 model i want to repari it where i will get its spare parts in mumbaiand what average will it give after changaig its carbourater

  74. utkarsh said,

    i need a yezdi… ne1intersted in sellin cn contact me on

  75. joushuva said,

    superb i in need of yezdi

  76. raj said,

    hi, This is raj your bike is good i like your bike how much price

  77. naveen reddy said,

    yr byke was cool mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  78. Joy said,

    Guys i want to sell my yezdi 250 Cl 2,i reside in gujarat ahmedabad,for info and pics please mail me at

  79. Sujith said,

    Hi Guys, i would like to buy one Yezdi Classic or Roadking below 15K.. Pls text to my cell ph. 9840237247 or email to I recide in Chennai.. Tamilnadu registration would be better..

  80. Jugal Hazarika said,

    Hi Dude, I own a 1982 Yezdi 250 Classic. But it’s in bad condition. I want to do a complete restoration to it. Can u suggest me where should I go?? Plz contact me at +91 9089008336 or mail me at… Thanks a lot & wish u a very Happy New Year 2012…

  81. sachin said,

    thxxx a lot for pictures of ur bike I like it… and also planning to restore my new yesdi 250 classic which I just purchased …

  82. sachin said,

    i think I can arrange a mac for its restoration in maharashtra I have some people who can work on yesdi and jawa bikes

  83. darpan said,

    i want to sale my yezdi classic 250 08950400463 contact me

  84. Ashil K Paul said,

    i want to sale my yezdi roadking-250…contact me–80-89-17-17-69

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